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This is the foundational course to learn PSYCH-K® It helps to transform self-limiting beliefs into self-enhancing ones to discover and unleash your greatness! that can be used personally, with loved ones or with clients after the 3-Day Workshop.

LaPaz, Baja California, Mexico 
Coming Early 2022

PSYCH-K® Online Workshop
Coming this Fall

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The workshop is designed to help exquisite and high-level facilitation skills to work with yourself and others. You’ll fine tune skills and learn to work with others remotely. You’ll also learn how to tap into the Superconscious Mind to guide you. The Basic Workshop is required.

LaPaz, Baja California Mexico
Coming Early 2022

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This workshop is designed for people seeking accelerated transformation and advanced processes creating harmony in relationships, building rapport and effective communication, and a deepening understanding of energy and intention. The Basic Workshop is required.

LaPaz, Baja California, Mexico

Coming Early 2022

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Where do I start?

Option 1: PSYCH-K Online Workshop Level 1

For some people, this is all the PSYCH-K® they will need to help transform self-limiting beliefs into self-enhancing ones! It is our limiting beliefs that often determine the limits of what we can achieve in life.

In this workshop you will learn how to do PSYCH-K®️ with yourself. If you also want to learn how to do PSYCH-K®️ with others, the in-person PSYCH-K®️ Basic Workshop, is the one for you.

In the PSYCH-K® Online Workshop Level 1 you will learn

* The science behind PSYCH-K® explained by Dr. Bruce Lipton, Cell Biologist, best-selling author and world-renowned speaker.

* How to create a powerful collaboration between your conscious, subconscious, and superconscious minds, in order to transform limiting beliefs and achieve your desired goals in life.

* How to use Muscle Testing to communicate directly with your subconscious mind, where at least 95% of your thoughts and actions originate.How to speak the language of your subconscious mind that is different from the language of your conscious mind!

*How to transform the perception of a stressful or traumatic event from the past that limits the full expression of your life in the present.

* How to use a simple 4-step PSYCH-K® process to help resolve problems and stressors in your daily life.

* How to utilize the Wisdom of Mother Nature in every area of your life, by integrating eleven key Principles of Nature that you will learn in the workshop.

* How, besides serving yourself, you can also serve all of humanity simply and effectively by using a specific process called The GAIA Protocol!

The PSYCH-K® Online Workshop Level 1 is a three-day workshop, scheduled from 9:00am to 4:00pm

Option 2: PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop (Live 3-Day Workshop) 

The key difference between the Basic Workshop Live Workshop and the Online Level 1 Workshop is you will ALSO LEARN:

* How to use PSYCH-K® with other people personally and/or professionally. 

* You will be learning an additional PSYCH-K® Change Process

* If you continue with the Master Facilitation or the Advanced and Health & Wellbeing Workshop
you can be listed on the PSYCH-K.Com Website as a Preferred Affiliate.

Both Workshops will provide you will a powerful process for change teaching you how to reprogram your subconscious mind with self-enhancing beliefs, re-writing the limiting beliefs, perceptions, and stress that are holding you back. 

Clients Sharing Their Experience

“On my long journey to find better health, I’ve tried all kinds of different things. PSYCH-K is perhaps the strangest and hardest to explain of them all. I’m still not sure how it works, but I am sure that it does work and fast!

– Carly

"The biggest problem was that I wanted to help everyone else, but I realized I didn't care for myself. Joan helped me reprogram the limiting beliefs so I could love myself too. The weight lifted off my shoulders and the negativity about myself was gone. I now know how it actually feels to love myself. I wish that for everyone. ”

– Matt T.

“I am a changed person. I feel empowered, humbled, & honored. I highly recommend Joan. Joan has helped me become a better, healthier person and I have a career I truly love.”

– Barb R.

"This experience is a demonstration of the effectiveness & validation of PSYCH-K in your life. Before the accident, we had planned to spend the weekend at the Coast with my kids. After the accident, we decided to “stick to the plan.” The entire weekend, my body, mind & spirit felt wonderful. I hiked, biked and even climbed Cape Kiwanda twice! Joan, thank you so much for facilitating PSYCH-K to me and to others! I continue to use Psych-K regularly on me, and occasionally on others. I look forward to taking the Advanced Workshop so please let me know when you have that scheduled.”

– Tammi D

Registration and Payment Process

Let the Transformation Begin! 


Step 1: Contact us to ensure that there is space available for the workshop and date you'd like to attend.

Step 2: Once space is confirmed, provide your name, email, and phone number

Step 3. Include how you'd like to make a 50% deposit to hold your space. 

Payment Options:

Checks and money orders have no additional fees.

Make payable to YourBeliefsMatter and mail to Joan Cameron at 5916 S. Hood Avenue. Portland, Oregon 97239 

Credit Card Payment via Paypal

Let us know you'd like to pay by credit card and we will send you a Paypal link to your email address. Please note there are additional fees: $25 for the Basic. $30 for the Masters. $35 for the Advanced. 

Venmo have no additional fees.

Please provide your Venmo account and phone number and we'll send the invoice right to you. 


Human beings and our relationship with Mother Earth is at crisis point and a time of Great Awakening. The world needs your transformation. I am committed to helping you shine your brightest light to feed the ocean of consciousness with love.


You can contact us via [email protected]