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Native Studio Art delivers educational workshops, contemporary arts and small Indigenous Art forms to schools and the local community. Barbara Derrick provides the highest quality of contemporary or traditional workshops aligned  with Alberta's Social Studies curriculum, as well as provision for cross-curricular topics.  The interactive workshops involve Barbara visiting the school and working with a class of up to 30+ children at a time, for anywhere from 60 to 80 minutes. These sessions combine leadership and the arts customized by teachers or the not for profit organizations to provide an enjoyable experience for the students. Pricing: is based around the school budget. We ALIGN our lessons with your CURRICULUM.

New! On-line Learning with Skype or Zoom

Call: 780-717-9534 or email Barbara Derrick  at the email address: [email protected] Don't wait, schedule is filling up fast! All paid workshops are pre-packaged: all materials are prepared and packaged. (All requests must be placed two weeks prior to accommodate package preparation.) ​Classes, School-- Ages: Grades 1 to 12 Lessons are modified according to specification of your needs at time of consultation.

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Selection of Contemporary or Traditional Art Forms

Prior to your FREE consultation you many find some inspiration in the description of each art form below to help you create an experience for the students in your classroom! Please note: All raw materials like porcupine quills and fish scales may not be in stock. All requests are sent to surrounding communities. These are higher budget items that need to be harvested, washed, dried and dyed prior to a class. The pricing will depend on the amount of work to prepare them to bring to your students. I have alternatives and these can be discussed during our discussion.

Painting- Impressionism, Realism, Cubism and more

The exploration of color, lines and shape symbology within an Indigenous or cultural context students gain a deeper understanding of art around the world.

Birch Bark

In the birch back becomes inaccessible the lesson material will be adjusted with replacement materials.Traditional materials like birch bark became containers, trays and framed art pieces. Students will understand the balance of the ecosystem and will participate in the creation of an art form using bark.

Fish Scale

In the event fish scales become inaccessible the lesson material will be adjusted with replacement materials.Fish Scale art was created by a woman in Alberta and it has been turned into beautiful pinback creations. Students will learn about the spirit of the water and the importance of fish in the Indigenous cultures. 

Pocupine Quill

In the event porcupine quils become inaccessible the lesson material will be adjusted with replacement materials.  Prior to Europeon settlement Indigenous people adorned their clothing, jewelry, housing and equipment with porcupine quill work. Students will create a design and learn about the culture of the Plains people prior to contact.  

Smaller Indigenous Art Forms

Learn how to make mini Rattles, pouches, mini footwear, mini gauntlet gloves and more. Note: Leather is expensive for small budgets and can be replaced with low-cost  materials. 


From loom beading to learning how to brick stitch, lessons customized to suit your school's budget and student learning style needs. 


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About Native Studio Art

Native Studio Art is a home-based business operated by an Indigenous Artist  Educator and Author  of "Walking In Your Power- lessons from the grandmothers," recommended as one of the top 100 Indigenous books by CBC Books.

Barbara Derrick 's Mission is to provide  unforgettable experiences to people  who want to build confidence through a creative muse  in different disciplines: art, drawing, carving, cooking, music and more. Art brings multicultural learning into the space and it is core to our being.

Through the courses Barbara provides guidance in marketing of your art and improving your skills. The ability to create your own successes. Barbara Derrick provides navigation to people of all ages who leave what they know at the door and JUMP to build their wings while learning!
It's not just about the creation of the art, it's about you! Art is a product. It's about putting it out into the world so you can live your life fully, and live your dreams. Understanding how your brand connects with a certain audience, and how to tap into them. Create, grow and connect with your audience. Become empowered by knowing your value, your purpose, seeing your vision unfold and because you choose to be.

Native Studio Art