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Native Studio Art~ Cultural Institute

At Native Studio Art Barbara meets students physically and provides individualized instruction. Native Studio Art ~Cultural Institute an on-line learning course site was established in 2013 to provide an LMS (Learning Management System) to support continued learning to her local and international art and leadership students. She supplies a space where materials can be stored and organised, assessments can be given, and where her students and herself can interact using blogs, forums, and so on.

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This month's featured courses in 2020




Creative Dream

Book Study using "Put Your Dream to the Test" you will be guided through a process that will help you tap into your own dream. We're a group of artists and creatives, who long for their "Creative Dream." This course will take you through:
*6 week examination of 13 chapters
*Videos, PDFS
Access to once per week Q & A
* (1) hour free and complimentary Free Workbook Powerpoint Presentations Handouts *Graduate Certification in Recognition of your learning




Indigenous Art History 105

The exploration of 6 emerging multicultural artists making a difference in the world today 2020 with their art. 
*6 weeks
*Videos and or PDF handouts, presentations
*Weekly live Q&A




Connecting to Your Audience

A desired attritube of an artist is be able to connect easily to people. John C. Maxwell says, "When you do business with people they have to"know, like and trust"you. In the art product industry, selling art can can bring zero sales creating disappointments in how we think others see the value of our work! We are in the people focused industry...learn to speak in front of a live audience at a large convention, or from a trade show table the tips and techniques here will help you foster more sales. Recommended for: artists, tranformational coaches, mentors and educators. You'll get: 4 lessons 1 month *3 hrs per week study * 2 tests *Certificate of Completion *Once a week Interactive Webinars Session Q & A

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Edmonton, AB, T5B 1J3, CA

About Native Studio Art

Native Studio Art is a home-based business operated by an Indigenous Artist  Educator and Author  of "Walking In Your Power- lessons from the grandmothers," recommended as one of the top 100 Indigenous books by CBC Books.

Barbara Derrick 's Mission is to provide  unforgettable experiences to people  who want to build confidence through a creative muse  in different disciplines: art, drawing, carving, cooking, music and more. Art brings multicultural learning into the space and it is core to our being.

Through the courses Barbara provides guidance in marketing of your art and improving your skills. The ability to create your own successes. Barbara Derrick provides navigation to people of all ages who leave what they know at the door and JUMP to build their wings while learning!
It's not just about the creation of the art, it's about you! Art is a product. It's about putting it out into the world so you can live your life fully, and live your dreams. Understanding how your brand connects with a certain audience, and how to tap into them. Create, grow and connect with your audience. Become empowered by knowing your value, your purpose, seeing your vision unfold and because you choose to be.

Native Studio Art