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A Guide and Teacher for Self-Transformation and Spiritual Growth 

Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor and Facilitator

Joan left a twenty-year career as a marketing executive in 2005 looking to heal herself and find meaning and purpose in her life. She founded YourBeliefsMatter, a self-empowerment educational and training business in 2006.  

Having discovered that subconscious beliefs hold the key to transformation, and that PSYCH-K® was the premier process in helping people to create accelerated changes and unleash their true Divine selves, she became a PSYCH-K® Certified Instructor in 2007.  

Joan is one of only 30 Certified PSYCH-K® Instructors in the world. 

Joan has taught over 150 PSYCH-K® Workshops and conducted hundreds of Private Sessions 

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Corporate Experience

Joan was the Executive Director for U.S. Consumer and Wholesale Channel for Hewlett-Packard managing a $14 billion dollar channel business, a $350 million dollar budget, and a large organization who managed pricing and promotional policies, contracts with large retailers and wholesalers. Her team led the industry in consumer research, innovative channel policies including establishing the on-line business for major retailers in the United States.

Her twenty years of experience encompassed marketing, business and sales development, product management, operations, strategic planning and pivotal leadership roles in diversity, merger integration, and new business, channel, and market creation. She spearheaded the very first Apple compatible inkjet printer in the 1980s as well as the innovative use of color packaging which changed the industry standard in printing and computing in the early 90s.

Joan was often a visionary and leader in bringing new businesses, channels, and marketing strategies to successful fruition.

International: Joan moved to Germany just months after the Berlin Wall fell in January 1990 as a product manager for Hewlett-Packard’s inkjet printer division in Europe. She was sought after speaker and presenter across Europe.

Joan loved experiencing different cultures and was fortunate to travel extensively in Europe and into the Soviet Union in 1991 as a speaker for the 2nd Annual Computer Show.

At the time, Joan loved cycling

Joan's Specialties:

  • Helping people to unleash their true self, spiritual growth, and raising consciousness

  • Discovering and manifest one's heart's desire and life's purpose 

  • Moving through major life transitions with grace, compassion, and love 

  • Learning the gifts and messages from a health or life crisis

  • Transforming self-sabotage into inspired action and results  

  • Changing subconscious limiting belief programs with PSYCH-K 

  • Transforming stress, trauma, anxiety, doubt and fear

  • Social Venture Partners

    Portland, Oregon

    In 2020, Joan could no longer sit on the sidelines regarding racism and became a Partner at Social Venture Partners (SVP). It’s a unique form of philanthropy whereby partners bring experience as well as resources to nonprofits creating an improvement in equity among all people.

    You can read her SVP Blog Being the Change for Equity

    Read The Blog Here

    Call to Safety Crisis Line Advocate

    Portland, Oregon

    Passionate about the area of stress, trauma, abuse, and violence against women, men, based on gender, sexual preference, race, and other factors, Joan became a trained Advocate with Call to Safety Crisis Line to give back. She had experienced a sexual assault at a young age and was in an emotionally abusive relationship and along with your business has worked extensively with clients who have experienced this in their lifetime.

    2016 Crisis Line Volunteer Award

    Fawn, Volunteer Coordinator: 

    “Thank you to Joan for being our most consistent daytime crisis line volunteer this year. Joan has volunteered over 120 hours during the 2015-2016 fiscal year!!

    But even more importantly Joan brings such a huge heart and openness to learning to this work—as well as a huge knowledge base about trauma, healing and the power of our ideas.

    Joan always brings a smile and radiates warmth when she walks into –and impressively when she LEAVES the crisis line room—no matter the difficult situations she hears about on the calls. We talk about the idea of vicarious resilience –that we feel and learn from the resilience and strength of the survivors we serve, but I also feel like I experience vicarious resilience from working with Joan

    It’s people like you that make the Call to Safety community special and we are so honored that you choose to do this work alongside us. Thanks, Joan!”

    Volunteering at Clinic for Hiv/Aids in Guatemala City  

    Joan volunteered at the Garcia Clinic Facilitating PSYCH-K® to help create quick, gentle and lasting transformation to children and adults to support the healing process. Joan has trained many psychologists, counselors, psychologists, and coaches with leading edge mind-body-spirit concepts and processes.

    Passionate Scuba Diver and Oregon Aquarium Volunteer

    Joan grew up splashing in the chilly waters of the Oregon Coast fascinated with sea creatures. In 1987 she became a certified scuba diver and has logged over 400 dives.

    In 2017, she became a dive volunteer at the Oregon Aquarium to clean and care for the home of these amazing creatures. Her favorites include the blind sturgeon who will gently suck on her head testing to see if she might be food, the seven-gill sharks who are curious, and the wolf eels, who will wrap around her waist which feels like a gentle hug.  

    Joan continues down her bucket list of dive locations which have included the Maldives, Australia’s Ningaloo and Great Barrier Reefs, Thailand, Costa Rica, the Cocos Island, Revillagigedo Islands, Mexico, New Zealand, the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Antigua, Bonair, and Hawaiian Islands.

    She has a fascination and soft spot for sharks and hopes to see the Great White Shark.

    In the next few years, Joan plans to learn how to Free Dive so that she can be in the most natural state and connect with whales, dolphins, and sharks. 

    Maori Community and Prison System

    While teaching workshops in New Zealand, Joan developed a friendship with Gavin, a Maori Minister in Wanganui. He brought her to lead his community through a transformational two-day workshop. Joan also trained him with the PSYCH-K process, which he has used successfully with prison clients.

    Nicaragua Girl’s Orphanage and Students from Managua University

    Joan has held free workshops for university students in Nicaragua giving them powerful tools for goal setting, problem-solving, action planning and techniques to change limiting mindset and beliefs. She owns a home in Nicaragua and supports the community when she can.

    Joan’s Loves the People & Nature of Nicaragua

    Joan own’s a home and land in Nicaragua where the people are filled with love, generosity, and kindness.

    A Bit More About Joan

    Joan currently lives in Portland, Oregon with her partner Joe and their two cats Rosie and Snowbee. She loves practicing ballet, swimming, pilates, and walking along the beautiful Willamette River.

    Human beings and our relationship with Mother Earth is at crisis point and a time of Great Awakening. The world needs your transformation. I am committed to helping you shine your brightest light to feed the ocean of consciousness with love.


    You can contact us via [email protected]