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Barbara Derrick was born in Quesnel B.C. to a Tshilqot'in mother and Ukranian/Hungarian/Scottish father. With ten years of Social Work background, and another fifteen years of instructing in the Native traditional arts she has followed a calling to open her own art studio busines. Barbara is currently building Native Studio Art Cultural Institute so that she can continue expanding her passion in the arts, share her leadership training, and add value to others lives. In her knowledge bundle, Barbara holds two years of university, and four separate certificates in: Native Social Development Worker Program, John Maxwell Coach, Speaker & Trainer, Native Arts & Culture Instructor, and in Teaching Adult Learners. 

Barbara continues to write and share much of her knowledge and expertise  in e-books for her online courses. 

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A list of co-authored and authored books by Barbara Derrick

First Lady Nation- Stories by Aborignal Woman VOL IV

The fourth book in the First Lady Nation series and a MUST read. Written by 15 Aboriginal, Metis, and Indigenous women from Canada.

Walking In Your Power- lessons from the grandmothers

The author Barbara writes through the eyes of an elderyly character named "Muskwa" in rewriting her family's legacy. Her book is listed in CBC's top 100 Indigenous books.​​​​

Clan Card Guide

Clan Card Guide is a book aligned to an interactive leadership activity for all ages. The book comes with a card set.

2018 Dasiqox Tribal Newsletter

Story Submission

The newsletter shares stories and images from the community.
More info:

Langscape Vol 6, Issue 1 Summer 2017

Coauthored Chapter

Repairing the Broken Arrow: Rebuilding Cultural Identity Through Art and Language Barbara Derrick

Langscape VOL 3, Issue 1 Summer, 2014

Coauthored Chapter

Ancient Teachings, Contemporary Learnings: Interviews on Aboriginal Education