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Feel like you need a little extra something to get a jump start on your creative juices? I provide an experience to make your work come to life and get the attention it deserves?

I’m an artist coach for committed artists who want to develop their expertise, business and earn money from their art and get shown. They’re usally beginners in the business of art and feel frustrated that they aren’t selling more and aren’t sure what to do about it. I help them grow their art business so they can earn an income from their creative endeavors while staying true to what they make.

I work with both new and experienced artists, makers and creatives who want to learn how to sell more work, get more press and build a business based on their creative endeavors. The people I work with are action-takers that want to grow and up-level their art career. They know if they get their questions answered, they’ll be able to get ahead.

Ice Breaker Consultancy Call: 
 Complete the “Passion Test” and then contact Barbara to arrange a mutually agreed upon time and date for the coaching appointment will be set. Each call will last up to 60 minutes.

Additionally, prior to this call select specific topics for discussion and email them in advance.

Native Studio Art does not guarantee the participant’s success in their business nor assume responsibility to the participant’s ability or inability to obtain value from this program. 

Start with downloading the “Passion Test” then sign and return it to [email protected]

Your answers to the questions will help Barbara understand a little bit more about you and the top five passions you have identified. Any other questions related to the five passions can be listed and will help to direct the session more efficiently around the topics and concerns that are of most interest to you. 

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