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My Story

I am an art educator, mentor and speaker hired by creative professionals of all ages to help them succeed in their dreams. I founded Native Studio Art in 2015 after leaving a 20-year career in the human service industries.

While teaching others about my journey as an artist, I realized that our system sets us up for failure. It has become my mission to create a journey with learners that are entirely unique to what they're thinking and doing instead of what's been done before.

What I Believe

We are all masters at something, we are just not aware of what? Sometimes we think developing our art is important but most times its not the art at all. Up until now, I was always curious about what people thought and why they believed in certain things. It wasn't until I studied Psychology that I realized everyone has their own outlook on life, which is shaped by how they were raised or experiences in life.

These beliefs create the story of one's life. What we believe becomes our reality; it can be empowering if you keep your goals high enough to reach them! But there are some beliefs that hold us back from new opportunities because we're too afraid to explore new possibilities (such as dreams).

My Mission

I am here to help you get from where you are now, all the way up that mountain.

If you are ambitious and committed to your dream, I provide one-on-one coaching sessions with a blend of Indigenous teachings and self-growth techniques so my clients can make positive change in their lives.

I know what they need because it has worked for me!

Youth Development

The goals of youth development programs promote positive learning environment, even when seeking to prevent problem behaviors.

Youth who are well prepared for the future can better navigate adolescence in healthy ways and be more likely successful later as adults. By fostering personal growth activities in self-exploration; like confidence building skills, communication, and teamwork.


Helping you to live your unique and greatest life

Team Building

Building Cultural Awareness in Team Work

Inspiring Stories

“Lakota just drew this. All because of your positive reinforcement.”

~ Susan C

“I had such a good day today. A lot of realizations and new directions in our 2nd last week of Walking In Your Power. I never realized until reflecting today just how much this program has empowered me to face obstacles, I had been in fear of for over a decade. Everything is all starting to piece together and make sense; it is such a great experience. J”

~Lisa Marie

“Yes!! Well said, Bestie! This program has helped me make sense of my past and prepare myself for my future success. Thank you Barbara Derrick!”

~ Tony Hill

Connect With Me

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”
– Thomas Merton


You can contact us via [email protected]

2021 Native Studio | 11828 66 St. NW Edmonton, AB T5B 1J3 Canada