New! Zoom Art Fridays

5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. MST
Price: $50 each class
Details: Accept e-transfer and PayPal through 
[email protected]

Instructor: Barbara Derrick

No cancellations accepted. 

What you'll need....

* Acrylic Paints, brushes and paper canvas size 11" x 17 (You can bring whatever size you want. I suggest this size to beginners which is one of my tips to get out of comfort zone!

For more in-depth art leadership courses see our CLASSES

Blue Buffalo 

Lilac Night

Tiger Eye

Basic Portraiture 

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From art to writing a book to leadership to the art of business development, Native Studio Art-Cultural Institute will not only nourish your learning but elevate your wins with a carefully designed month-to-month course by you, for you. 

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The best learning happens with a teacher who is passionate in helping you create goals and small wins while you learn!

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Barbara Derrick's background contains teaching adults fine arts and traditional indigenous art forms in a college setting to delivering museum objects in a box workshops to schools and organizations.  

We are currently moving courses from one platform to another. Thank you for your kind patronage and patience!

The Course Information button below will take you directly to our site. You will be asked to "create account." When we receive your request you will be issued a "Keycode" that you can enter to view further details. 

The Tiny Art Course

This course is designed for the student with little or no previous art experience.  
Recommended for: artists, tranformational coaches/mentors and educators.

10 lessons
4 weeks

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect for artists

Creating a dialogue with others takes skill and practice. Learn why asking good questions is essential in building a business.

Recommended for: artists and tranformational coaches/mentors and educators 

10 lessons 
4 weeks

How to Instruct-Storytelling

The importance of how to tell a good story and where it fits in the educational lesson design.

Recommended for: artists and transformational coaches/mentors and educators

4 lessons
4 Weeks


This is a great place to start your journey into the arts. Barbara gives personally tailored classes and guides you to find your passion and creativity. She’ll inspire you to find your voice. Her classes are very well prepared and her intuition will give you exactly the challenge or gentle guidance you need. I never thought I could get to where I’m now within the short time. April 2020 * * * * *

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Mariam Djalili

Edmonton, AB

.J Dechaine

Winnipeg, MB I have worked with Barbara for a few years for coaching and mentoring. I hold her in highest regards. She is genuine, kind-hearted and empathetic. She really connects with you on a deeper level. I wanted to make sure others see my recommendation on the coaching and mentoring services sha has proivded me. I encourage you to seek out her arts and or leadership courses. August 29, 2019

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Featured Teacher

Native Studio Art Faculty

Barbara Derrick

Certifications in: Teaching Adult Learners, Native Cultural Art Instructor, John Maxwell Speaker, Coach Trainer and Native Social Development Worker program Barbara has extensive experience  in health and wellness classes for all ages. Author of several books, one titled "Walking In Your Power-lessons from the grandmothers.

How does an On-Line Class work?

In an on-line class, the teacher and student meet once a week in a video chat session.  On-line classes are great for those who are serious and want to pursue the development of their creative style!


11828 66 St. NW
Edmonton, AB, T5B 1J3, CA

About Native Studio Art

Native Studio Art is a home-based business operated by an Indigenous Artist  Educator and Author  of "Walking In Your Power- lessons from the grandmothers," recommended as one of the top 100 Indigenous books by CBC Books.

Barbara Derrick 's Mission is to provide  unforgettable experiences to people  who want to build confidence through a creative muse  in different disciplines: art, drawing, carving, cooking, music and more. Art brings multicultural learning into the space and it is core to our being.

Through the courses Barbara provides guidance in marketing of your art and improving your skills. The ability to create your own successes. Barbara Derrick provides navigation to people of all ages who leave what they know at the door and JUMP to build their wings while learning!
It's not just about the creation of the art, it's about you! Art is a product. It's about putting it out into the world so you can live your life fully, and live your dreams. Understanding how your brand connects with a certain audience, and how to tap into them. Create, grow and connect with your audience. Become empowered by knowing your value, your purpose, seeing your vision unfold and because you choose to be.

Native Studio Art